Asscher Cut Engagement Rings


Asscher Cut Engagement Rings


asscher cut engagement ringsBeautiful and unique asscher cut diamonds feature the advanced glimmer of the emerald cut, in an elegant square shape. Developed in 1902 as well as treasured for their sophisticated action cut shape, asscher cut diamonds can both magnificently enhance a vintage influenced setup and also create a timelessly contemporary look in a contemporary setup.

What Exactly Is A Asscher Cut Engagement Ring?

The cushion cut is a very classic, trendy and popular cut, and also it’s been around for virtually 200 years. If you have completely no suggestion what your woman would certainly like, besides to be shocked, after that the cushion cut is constantly a winner. From an easy plain pillow diamond to a cushion cut with mini rubies surrounding it, she will certainly be in awe.

An emerald cut does not imply the stone is green. The emerald cut is similar to the cushion cut, other than that it is a rectangular form (not square) with rounded sides, as well as there are much longer line cuts in the stone.

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If the cushion cut had a baby with the emerald cut, it would appear looking like the asscher cut. The asscher cut has attributes of both of the other 2 cuts, as it is somewhat square yet with cropped corners and also it’s a little bit flatter than others. So you’re not puzzled, chopped corners are different than rounded sides. The asscher cut is just one of the most pricey cuts, so be prepared to invest some big ones if you opt for this alternative.